The Most Important Investment You Will Make Is in Yourself.

Yes I can help you with that investment. Leverage the experience of $917mm in Sales. Amazon Best Selling Author. Serial Entrepreneurship. High Performance Coach. BSEE. Fortune 150 C Level. Podcast Host. Keynote Speaker. Avid Hiker and Overlander.

Our Academy offers RESULTS Coaching FOR YOU in the following Areas

Professional Performance Coaching in Career

Entrepreneurial Performance Coaching

Real Estate Top Producer Coaching

Our clients are Start-ups and Corporate Executives, Real Estate Professionals, Employee groups, People in transition in their life, NonProfits, and Entrepreneurs. That is our focus and expertise. 

Ready To Grow?  The results include:1 on 1 and ONline Delivery Courses created to improve you and your performance in the workplace for your career or business.

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More About Track Offerings

Real Estate DOMINATE Track

Specifically designed for the Real Estate professional that desires to dominate.

Professional Track

Specifically designed 12 week one on one live coaching. These 1 hr sessions are designed by the High Performance Academy with a focus on 12 areas of life mastery. 

Entrepreneur Track

Specifically designed for the experienced business owner or start up wanting to increase get their business off the ground or increase results.

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Did you know you are a CEO already? A CEO of your LIFE. YOU are 1 in 800 Billion brands that are all unique. The SUPER Speaking and Investing in people deliverable.. We deliver all BRAND and High Performance action with our ROYI Academy. (Return ON You Investment®) Your employees are a brand. Embrace it! Give this experience to your team as a BENEFIT. You are Investing in them. 12 weeks of HIGH Performance Experience.

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THE FOUNDER'S STORY SUMMARY Bachelor of Science in Engineering, MBA, Corporate 150 Executive, Serial Entrepreneur $917mm in sales 2018, Author, Speaker, Family Man, Loves People

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